The number one reason most companies choose a content management system is to grant them the ability to make modifications, updates, and maintain relevant content on the website without the cost and time delays of having their provider conduct this work. With Typo3, you’ll easily be able to add, delete, edit, relocate, or hide all text, images, videos, and entire pages on your web site. The system is easy to learn and requires no prior knowledge of CSS, HTML, website design, or any programming whatsoever. There are many CMS systems on the market, but there are many unique features found in Typo3 ideal for organizations small to global.

With the Typo3 Content Management System and our world class group of experienced programmers, we can produce virtually every sort of automation and functionality you can dream of: e-commerce pages, call to action, data acquisition forms, contact forms, blogs, news update showcases just to name a few. Our preferred CMS platform (TYPO3) is modular in nature, providing you with the opportunity to start simple, and expand with more comprehensive functionality later on. We’ll work to understand your goals and can customize your experience to suit your requirement.


Downlod the CMS Comparison TYPO3, Joomla, Drupal

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  • Edit Undo Function

    Edit Undo Function: This is the most critical and reassuring feature in the Typo3 system. Users have the ability to undo any mistakes they make to their website in perpetuity. If hindsight is always 20/20, this feature provides administrators with the peace of mind that there is no problem that cannot be fixed, or at least undone.

  • Flexibility in Design

    Flexibility in Design: Initiate controls to promote uniformity throughout your website, or design each page to be unique

  • Structured Site Organization

    Structured Site Organization: Typo3 manages your pages into a simple page tree allowing for versatility and easy updates and menu management

  • Intuitive Drag and Drop Feature

    Intuitive Drag and Drop Feature: Simply click and drag entire pages or design elements from one location to another in the back end or front end

  • Languages

    Languages: Typo3 supports as many language translations as you need on the front end and 30+ languages in the back end

  • Multi-Locational Management

    Multi-Locational Management: Through Typo3, end users can manage multiple websites through unlimited administrators sharing extensions, functionality and more

  • Custom Access Permissions

    Custom Access Permissions: Typo3 allows you to manage back end user permissions and access to pages, extensions and editing capabilities

  • Reference Material

    Reference Material: Typo3 has an extensive library of user reference material, instructional tutorials and videos, books, and forums available for users

  • Templating

    Templating: Simply associate dynamic text to existing CSS and HTML files

  • Familiar Editing

    Familiar Editing: Typo3 contains a simple rich text editor allowing for manipulation of website content just as a Word or Pages document

  • Intuitive Image Editing

    Intuitive Image Editing: Typo3 enables users to quickly upload images, adjust size, location and appearance

  • Graphic Interface

    Graphic Interface: Typo3 allows you to edit your website from the front end, seeing results immediately and reducing “trial and error” time

  • Caching

    Caching: Change refresh options to improve speeds and page generation

  • Search Features

    Search Features: Typo3 indexes your content automatically, granting capability to locate items easily in the front end or back end

  • Modular Expansion

    Modular Expansion: Typo3 allows users to expand their website incrementally as needed through adding functionality and programming extensions

  • Enormous Extension Library

    Enormous Extension Library: Typo3’s open source nature means programmers are continuously contributing valuable progamming available to all users

  • Support

    Support: Call us any time if you need help, otherwise, it’s easy to find what you need in forums, books, or online reference libraries