Orlando Logo Design Company in Florida

Great Logos are unique, visually appealing, distinctive and will communicate your company’s vision. Organizations that invest in a professional logo garner the intuitive trust of potential clients that the company is indeed offering outstanding services and products. Click the link to view current trends in logo design.

Illustrating the company’s unique selling proposition is the highest goal in logo design. As a rule of thumb, the world’s most recognizable logos such as Nike, Coca Cola or Apple are clean and simple, with little or no special effects. These logos can be printed as large as billboards or small enough to fit on a pen.

Our creative process begins with experienced logo designers meeting with you and identifying the uniqueness of your company identity.

Depending on the nature of your business, and the type of clients you wish to attract, we can develop stylish, serious, corporate, funny, elegant, unique, funky, plain or beautiful logos.

Most important is that the target audience for your products and services feels confident that your service or product will satisfy their needs reliably and professionally.

After creating the logo the brand identity usually includes corporate stationary such as designing business cards, letterheads and other collateral materials.

We can create all the items needed to implement your new logo design: website, stationary (business cards, letterhead, envelopes) signage, posters, automobile signs, etc.