Inventory Management & Tracking

Inventory Management & Tracking

  • Track inventory across all sales channels
  • Integrate with existing accounting and OEM systems
  • Manage product lines proactively with real time data
  • Offer promotions and discounts to move excess product

OEM integration across all sales channels

Your e-commerce website needs to integrate seamlessly into your existing inventory tracking system. Many online sales companies place a high priority on tracking available inventory, accounting, and open-to-buy programs, and your online solution needs to accommodate these imperatives.

From a customer standpoint, it’s also important to know which items are in inventory and which items may either be unavailable or back ordered. Inventories are updated in real time across all sales channels.

Proactively manage supplies and promotions

Real time data and an understanding of inventory is a big advantage of operating online. Information can help management implement product discounts and buying incentives to help remove excess inventory or make room for new product. A proactive, data-driven approach to e-commerce boosts sales, increases margins and grows profits for any company.