Analytics & Web Traffic Reporting

Quick Summary:

  • Quantifiable analytic data
  • Marketing decisions based on numerical analysis, not theory
  • Understand where customers are coming from
  • Know what may be driving customers away, and fix it
  • Learn what your competition is doing, and how to beat them

Analytic Data for Decisions

A major perk of doing business online is the ability to lean heavily on data. You have the ability to track analytics, traffic referral patterns, bounce trends, and generally to learn much more about the behavior of your target audience than ever before. When you keep an accurate pulse on what pages and layout structures are attracting business, you can quickly change any items which may be costing your company opportunity.

How are your customers finding you?

Analytic data allows our search engine optimization team to track keywords and website standing among your competitors in every major search engine. You come to understand exactly where your customers are coming from, where they’re going, what they’re buying, and what we might do to attract more business to your website. Keyword research shows exactly what your target market is interested in so that you can offer solutions or answers to their questions.

Tools of the Trade

Marketing strategies nowadays are not estimates on based on theory. E-commerce websites serve to gather quantifiable data, becoming the basis of many informed business decisions. Google Analytics, Google Adwords and Hubspot track everything and integrate with your CRM. Running website search engine audits where appropriate will help refine SEO strategies.