We recognize that your website, your brand, and your entire marketing plan is geared toward the simple objective of creating returns. For many organizations, this means sales or money, but for others, there may be more motivation to generate awareness, increase brand recognition, to provide information, or otherwise. Our Marketing experts will work with you directly to understand your complete marketing plan, business objectives, and other advertising or marketing programs already in place.

We’ll ask questions that you may not expect from a website development company in order to learn where your business is coming from, how your organization is driven, where your clients are coming from, what sort of “products” you may be selling, and what role your web site will play. There are many questions to consider if your website is going to create maximum benefit for your operation.

By way of example, an e-commerce web site may place a great deal of emphasis and allocate resources to the most comprehensive Search Engine Optimization services available. Conversely, a company selling wholesale medical equipment directly to specific hospitals has no serious need to be found in public Google searches. The medical company may be better off investing in their sales force, collateral materials, or perhaps online password protected account pages for reference and order processing.

We recognize that resources are always limited, and a key to success for your organization will be to allocate dollars and energy appropriately. There are pitfalls to avoid and unscrupulous providers out there seeking to persuade you to spend money in ways that only favor their own bottom line. We endeavor to partner with you and provide insights into your online presence that will help your organization succeed for a long time to come. We promise to work in good faith and to advise you on what is best for your organization at all times.