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Clean E-Commerce Website Design

  • Clean and clear product presentation
  • Multiple images & image zoom functionality
  • Mobile Responsive Design
  • Enable informed purchase decisions
  • Instill confidence and create loyalty

Your e-commerce website solution is designed to showcase your product lines as efficiently and attractively as possible, in lock step with corporate branding and existing marketing campaigns. For maximum returns, your customers need to know exactly what they are buying, including all terms of the transaction, and all of the benefits of purchasing from your company.

Menu Structure

If designed correctly, your e-commerce solution makes the most relevant information available to customers quickly…as in just a click or two away from doing business with you from anywhere in the world. This will take some planning, especially if your shop has hundreds or thousands of products. Maybe a simple drop-down menu or sidebar will suffice. Alternatively, product filters often prove helpful for customers who know just what they’re looking for.

Product Presentations

The presentation of products or services itself instills confidence and repeat business. This concept extends beyond professional grade photography. A modern e-commerce design employs helpful functionalities like image zoom features, multiple images or videos, detailed product specifications, suggested related products, outline of shipping policies, tax calculations, return policies and procedures, product guarantees, and other features.

Business in a Mobile Environment

Mobile responsiveness is perhaps the most significant design characteristic. Depending on the space you’re operating in, more than half of your website users may be away from their desktop computer. Design and programming considerations expertise is very necessary to create the best possible user experience in desktop, tablet and mobile environments.

Not only should the website be responsive in design, layouts need to be delivered with fast refresh rates to minimize load times. Search engines love fast, well-organized, relevant websites that delight users.

Instill Buyer Confidence and Loyalty

Whether your e-commerce website is designed to attract new customers, or if it will serve as a resource for your sales teams, the buying process needs to be simple, clean, and trustworthy for your customers. When you become the best overall value proposition, customers buy more and reman loyal.


Apr 7, 2016

by Web Design Phoenix