Custom Programming & Website Functionality

Quick Summary:

  • Any design or programming requirement is possible
  • Alignment with strategic planning and branding requirements
  • Always emphasize return on investment
  • Understand all benefits and risks…in writing
  • Make the most informed business decisions

While return on investment is usually the goal, standardized website solutions are not always sufficient. Consider customizing your website to add value or deliver a memorable user experience:

• Enhanced design aesthetics or branding requirements

• Product categorization or configuration filter menus

• Product displays, presentation of specifications or product showcases

• Order handling and tracking

• Unique payment gateway configurations

• Website menus and purchase navigation

• Mobile responsiveness

• Custom functionality specific to your industry, product lines, or otherwise

Custom website development is typically more expensive, however, seek to value engineer projects with a focus on cost containment and return on investment. Discuss all possible alternatives, allow your developer to provide insight into benefits and concerns, and they should provide you with a detailed, written proposal for any work to be completed.