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Regardless of the project, our process is simple: We want to help you do what is best for your organization. This may sound cliche, but here’s how it works. We’ll spend as much time as we need initially coming to know your business and your requirement. We’ll ask lots of questions that you might not expect from a web development company, and ensure we’re all on the same page before anyone commits to anything. We’ll engage our Marketing, Graphic Design, Search Engine Optimization, and Programming Experts in the conversation to answer all of your questions. In the end, by the time you decide to do business with us, you’ll understand precisely what you are getting, how it will fit into your business plan, and exactly what it’s all going to cost. We’ll arm you with a detailed proposal in writing, outlining every element of your project so that you can make the best decision for your company.

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1. Requirement Scope and your Needs
The first step of our process involves mostly listening. We’ll delve into the essence of your business and learn about your history, your plans, and the marketplace. We’ll investigate competitors, meet with your team personally, and gain a perspective of the role your website is going to play. In the end, we’ll craft and arm you with a highly detailed proposal identifying every aspect of the project, our company, timing to completion, and of course cost. You’ll know exactly what to expect, in writing, before you commit to anything.

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2. Design
Once we are clear on the scope of your project, the first stage of developing your website is to design aesthetics and feel that meet your every expectation. We’ll reference aspects of other web sites, competitor web sites, features, branding requirements, and all sorts of other information to get a pulse on how you want your website to look, feel and function. We permit unlimited adjustments and configuring in this stage, and we won’t move on until the design meets your absolute, written approval.

3. Programming
When the website design is complete, and you have stated your absolute approval, we’ll turn it over to our programmers. They will plug in all navigation, connectivity, and functionality to your web site. We’ll test operation in various browsers, screen sizes and resolutions, and otherwise ensure that everything promised is functioning correctly.

4. Training
With a fully functioning web site, we’ll now educate you on how to log into the back end, add and edit your own content including text, images, videos, and other items. You’ll be able to add, move, rename, reconfigure or delete entire pages yourself. Typo3 is wonderfully powerful and intuitive, meaning there is no computer programming experience necessary to produce the most spectacular, pertinent, and enticing web site you can imagine. Our initial training process only takes approximately 30 minutes.

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5. Going Live
You’ll have the chance to configure and customize your web site as long as you like in a hidden environment (or have Webdesign Orlando do it for you). Once in place, we’ll flip the switch and “Go Live” with your website for all visitors to see.

6. Ongoing Maintenance and SEO
As you probably know, a proper website is never complete. Information needs to stay fresh and interesting to retain the interest of online traffic and for Search Engine Optimization purposes. You’ll have the ability to maintain your website yourself, or have Webdesign Orlando handle everything for you. Unlimited phone and email support is always included.