Orlando Logo Design

A company logo is a highly specialized, condensed visual form representative of the company’s mission, standards, products, or otherwise. Over time, a company logo can become a very significant portion of its identity.

As a result, creating a logo requires insight into the culture of the organization, its competitive environment, and the messages it would like to emit. In hindsight, developing a logo appears simple, but rest assured, Mac’s apple, the Mercedes hood ornament, and the Polo horse did not happen by accident. In developing your logo, Webdesign Orlando will spend significant time investigating your organization’s “reason to be” and formulate potential representations.

Our portfolio demonstrates a wide array of logos including the simple, stylish, fancy, crazy, formal, childish, or otherwise. All of which have been integrated into each organization’s marketing plan, collateral materials, and branding.


    Websites including custom designed work for clients of all shapes and sizes…small local companies to multinational corporations. Our work includes not only the aesthetic design, look, and feel, but also intricate programming work, high level functionality, automation, and cutting edge operations.


    This portion of our portfolio extends to both web and printed mediums. These examples include portions of advertising campaigns, printed materials, fliers, collateral, photography and photoshop work on images and otherwise for use online and in print.


    Here are examples of many logos we have developed for organizations from around the world. Each logo involves in-depth research on company history, mission, competitive environment, and other factors. Each is developed for all forms of media integrated into company branding and overall corporate design.