Secure Shopping Cart & Checkout

Secure Shopping Cart & Checkout

Quick Summary:

  • Trusted, streamlined checkout processes
  • Transparency with company policies and pricing structures
  • SSL encryption and proven security measures
  • Mobile responsiveness for ordering on the go

Secure and fast

E-commerce website checkout systems need to be secure, mobile responsive, and easily navigated. The buying process must instill confidence that consumer data will be protected and products will be delivered timely.

Complete transparency

Information on shipping policies, pricing calculations, tax information, return policies and procedures, product guarantees, and other pertinent buying information should be up front and center during the checkout process. The customer needs to know they are receiving what they intend, and there are no strings attached.

Payment processing and security

Don’t mess around when it comes to security. Integrate with one of the most trusted credit card payment gateway providers…there are hundreds to choose from. SSL (Secure Socket Layers) certified encryption is a must for security purposes. Your customers need to rest assured that their proprietary information and credit card data remains protected.

Don’t forget mobile

Don’t forget to test in mobile environments. Checkout pages need to be responsive and enable simplified order completion and shipment tracking. Whether in the office or in the field, your customers need to have easy, clear access to make the purchases they need.