Here we would like to outline our overall approach to website and design development for our clients. Our process is based on communication, honesty, and forthright business practices allowing each of our clients to fully convey the nature and scope of their requirement, all preferences and considerations, and for both sides to completely understand what they should expect for the duration of the project.


Before any agreement is signed or any money exchanges hands, it is our goal to establish open lines of communication with all of our prospective clients. In our experience, we find that more discussion on the front end leads to fewer mistakes later on. We will work harder than most web development companies to learn as much as we can about your overall business plan, your competitive environment, marketing strategies both online and otherwise, primary sources of business and revenues, and any other important factors that ought to be considered with a properly, effectively integrated website. Although we’ll never know as much about your business as you do, we’ll want to do our best to fully understand the role that your website will play in your business and how we may be able to maximize the return for your investment. At the end of this discovery process, we will furnish you with a highly detailed proposal outlining all significant terms of the project, estimated timelines, fee structure, and other relevant information. You’ll be completely armed with an understanding of what your project will entail, what it will cost, and when you can expect it to be completed. We recognize that this information is vital if you are going to make an informed business decision.


Once you decide on employing Webdesign Orlando’s services, and a service agreement is executed, we will develop a project plan. At this stage, we’ll delve deeper into your design preferences, necessary functionality and programming, website layout preferences, comparable websites for reference, and other necessary details. We will also work with you on setting up an effective approach to communication as the project develops. We recognize that developing websites is likely not your lone responsibility. Our goal will be to set up a process which allows you to keep an accurate pulse on the project’s progress, meanwhile minimizing interruption of your daily responsibilities. The development of a beautiful, effective, custom website, if managed correctly, can occupy surprisingly small amounts of a client’s time.


The first stage of actual development consists of the aesthetics of your website. This includes color schemes, logos, branding, overall layout, and generally the appearance of your web pages. We’ll encourage our clients to reference other websites, whether within their industry or not, with desirable features. We can emulate buttons on one site, forms from another, headers, footers, fonts, and anything else that you can find on the web. Our designers construct everything from scratch, so nothing is off limits. The design portion of website development takes place before any programming, so we are happy to make adjustments and alterations until our client’s absolute approval is achieved.


Once the design or aesthetics of the website has been approved, we will turn the project over to our highly skilled, professional website programmers. There, they will implement all desired functionality, forms, plugins, connectivity and navigation. Your website will be constructed on the Typo3 content management platform, which is the world’s leading technology in terms of overall use, security, keeping pace with evolving technology, and most importantly, it’s intuitive and powerful content management user interface. At the end of this stage, you’ll be provided with a working demo of your website, complete with navigation and sample content.


Following the programming of your website, Webdesign Orlando will take the time to set up core search engine optimization, transfer initial website content, establish security measures, set administrator variable access permissions, and generally prepare your website for the client to take over. Webdesign Orlando will take into account all items agreed upon in our service agreement and proposal process and ensure that every item is suited to your requirement.


Once preparations are complete, you or your website administrator(s) will be trained on the operations of your website content management system. No computer expertise is required for our clients to take complete control over all content on their website, add or delete  pages, edit menus, add forms, photos, videos, and other vital adjustments. This vital step normally takes approximately 30 minutes, a testament to the intuitive nature and usability of the Typo3 system. It is important to recognize that your website will be best utilized if content is updated regularly, information remains fresh, pertinent and interesting to users, and the client is able to adjust to ever changing market conditions, trends and customer interests. Our clients maintain complete oversight of their own website, are able to make adjustments at any time, and always have access to powerful analytical tools tracking online traffic and objectively measuring success. Furthermore, our clients are able to forego the expense and time delay of engaging the web provider for every minor change that will need to be made to the website. In the long run, you’ll have dynamic, cost effective, efficient online mechanism to drive your business.


Webdesign Orlando always guarantees to work in good faith with our clients, and we will expect the same in return. We guarantee your absolute approval of the design of your website, and have set up a fee structure that supports this stance. It is our goal to establish long-term, fruitful relationships with our clients in a partnership capacity with maximum return of your investment at the core of every decision. Every website comes with unlimited technical support and consultation.