Product Categorization & Navigation

  • Fluid search results rather than rigid categorization
  • Unlimited product configurations
  • Customers find what they need immediately
  • Frustrated searches lead to lost customers
  • Intuitive search filters
  • Unlimited products

Customer experience comes first

Organizing your product lines and various product configurations warrants careful consideration. First, think hard about your customer behavior and how your users find what they need. What are they most interested in? What are their questions or problems? Do they know product numbers by heart or will they need to search by name or attribute?

Get there from anywhere

Product categorization no longer needs to be “straight line” with rigid drop down menus and categories. Rather, the goal is to usher the user to the appropriate products as quickly and efficiently as possible. Navigation structure and configuration filters allow for a more fluid delivery of searched items.

For example, perhaps someone wants to find all items in size medium, or everything in the color blue…or both. Alternatively, they may prefer to search by designer, price, collar style, sleeve style, material, country of origin, or any other feature. Unlimited product features and customized search results are possible.

Every customer is unique and your website needs to present the best possible experience.