The Web Design Process

  • Web Design Phoenix Development: Total Control, Minimal Stress

    At Web Design Phoenix, we recognize that our clients have many items on their daily “To Do” lists beyond constructing websites. Our development process is designed to provide you with the utmost control over the design, appearance, functionality, branding, and overall capabilities of the end product; meanwhile freeing you up to take on all of the other responsibilities you may have. We will work with you to plan a means of communication that will minimize your daily/weekly business interruption, while allowing you to maintain a pulse on the progress of the project.

  • Detailed Project Proposal

    While we certainly appreciate the opportunity to compete for your business, we understand that Web Design Phoenix may not be the only design company you are considering. It is our intention to arm you with all the information you’ll need to compare your options, understand the process, and make an educated business decision. We’ll endeavor to provide you with the most comprehensive proposal possible, outlining specifically what you will be receiving and what the cost will be. Before this can happen, it is necessary for both sides to communicate and for us to understand what is going to be important to the you as related to your project. We’ll ask questions you may not have thought of and help you direct your efforts and spending toward strategies yielding greatest potential returns. We can price the project most aggressively if we know exactly what we are developing, how you might like it to look, how it will function, and other factors important to you and your business. A little extra effort communicating on the front end will prevent surprise

  • Design

    Once the project details are agreed upon and a Service Agreement has been executed, our web design team will begin developing the aesthetics, look, and layout of your website. Web Design Phoenix will present options for your review, communicate with you on what you like, don’t like, what competitor websites are doing, and how your site might be best presented. All of our websites are custom built to client specifications. Before any programming takes place, we will work with you on the design of your website until all of your tastes and branding requirements are satisfied. Again, because “design” is so subjective, we encourage communication with you to help us hone in on a presentation ideally suited to your needs.

  • Programming

    Once you have stated your approval of the design of your web pages, Web Design Phoenix programmers will work carefully to integrate all of the functionality, forms, automation, and navigation into your website. This phase of website production includes evaluating the website on a number of different web browsers, screen sizes, screen resolutions, Mac/PC platforms, and other variables. Web Design Phoenix will test your website diligently to ensure all proposed functionality is engaged and operational.

  • Training, Content and Going Live

    Managing the content of your website can be assigned however you wish. Web Design Phoenix can handle everything for you, or if preferable, you will have the ability to take on content management tasks yourself in-house. In the final phase of website development, you and/or your administrative team will receive a detailed personal tutorial on self-maintaining the website. Typo3 and WordPress are the world’s leading content management systems with wonderfully intuitive back end interfaces. You will be empowered to change or edit text, images, video, add/delete/move entire pages, set up variable access permissions, and otherwise engage in operating your website on an ongoing basis. We’ll show you how to import and tailor your content before rolling out the new site and taking everything “Live”.

  • Support, Security and Ongoing Maintenance

    Web Design Phoenix stands ready to fill in whatever gaps you need to ensure that your website remains relevant, accurate and effective. You will always have the ability to turn over tasks in content management, security updates, functional updates, hosting service, search engine optimization, and other ongoing maintenance duties. Our team of professionals are capable of handling everything for you, or training your staff to handle these areas yourself.

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