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What is Search Engine Optimization?

SEO is a component of the earliest stages of the buying process: Attraction Stage. Understand what SEO is, how search engines work, and what you can do to boost ranking.

SEO Keyword Research and Selection

How to research for keywords, find most targeted audience, and compete for online traffic. It’s important to consider number of keyword searches, competitive set, and opportunity for high ranking.

Adding Business Details to Google Maps

Things change over time…business locations, phone numbers, staff, product & service offerings. Your customers need to know where to find you…and just as importantly, Google wants you in their search results!

E-Commerce Contract Negotiation

Chat with multiple e-commerce website developers. Consultations are free. Gather information on their approaches and suggested solutions. Share information on your requirements and you’ll collect ideas.

When it comes time to select a developer, get multiple offers. You can play them against each other, compare pricing and recommended strategies, learn about prior work, and properly vet each candidate company.

Phoenix Search Engine Rankings – September 2016

There’s no secrets in strong SEO. It’s about regularly contributing abundant, relevant, well written content over a long period of time. Search engines are charged with arranging websites according to who appears best at whatever subject matter is searched. Think of all your favorite frequented websites…fresh, relevant content does the trick every time.

Funny Stuff – SEO and Content Couples Therapy

This is not only hilarious, but also quite true. The ongoing battle between catering to search engine results, and actually producing a great user experience are conversations we have every day with out clients. Fortunately, search engines like Google are getting better and better at recognizing an improved user experience. End result, deliver content that […]

25 Hidden Messages in Famous Logos

This is a great example of how the world’s most effective logos often carry multiple meanings or messages, yet remain simple and easily identifiable. This is the goal of Web Design Phoenix when we are asked to develop brand logos for our clients, and speaks to the thoughtfulness and resourcefulness of quality logo design.  

Product Categorization & Navigation

Fluid search results rather than rigid categorization Unlimited product configurations Customers find what they need immediately Frustrated searches lead to lost customers Intuitive search filters Unlimited products Customer experience comes first Organizing your product lines and various product configurations warrants careful consideration. First, think hard about your customer behavior and how your users find what they […]

Secure Shopping Cart & Checkout

Quick Summary: Trusted, streamlined checkout processes Transparency with company policies and pricing structures SSL encryption and proven security measures Mobile responsiveness for ordering on the go Secure and fast E-commerce website checkout systems need to be secure, mobile responsive, and easily navigated. The buying process must instill confidence that consumer data will be protected and […]