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Inventory Management & Tracking

Track inventory across all sales channels Integrate with existing accounting and OEM systems Manage product lines proactively with real time data Offer promotions and discounts to move excess product OEM integration across all sales channels Your e-commerce website needs to integrate seamlessly into your existing inventory tracking system. Many online sales companies place a high […]

Clean E-Commerce Website Design

Clean and clear product presentation Multiple images & image zoom functionality Mobile Responsive Design Enable informed purchase decisions Instill confidence and create loyalty Your e-commerce website solution is designed to showcase your product lines as efficiently and attractively as possible, in lock step with corporate branding and existing marketing campaigns. For maximum returns, your customers need […]

Product Configuration Filters

Streamline user navigation & product selection Unlimited configurations Unlimited products Intelligent filter menus – only available options presented Refined user experience retains customers Show them what then need…quickly Allow your customers to find exactly what they need in as few clicks as possible. This applies to all screen sizes and mobile environments. Filter menus should be […]

Shipping Integration & Tracking

Quick Summary: Unlimited shipping rules and rate calculation Complete integration with major shipping carriers Real time shipping calculations Allow for selection of shipping options Order tracking for customers via personal account Shipping options & transparency Your shipping policies are a critical factor in a customer’s buying decisions. Establish your shipping pricing rules and ensure that […]

Sales Tax Compliance

Quick Summary: Local, state, national or international tax calculations Fixed rules or real time integration Consult with a tax expert or attorney WDP can implement any tax rules for your e-commerce website Integrated tax rate calculations Your e-commerce website can be programmed to automatically draw from current tax codes and adjust in real time as […]

Up-Selling & Related Products

Quick Summary: Recommended products Up Selling related products Using social proof to attract more and larger purchases Product Recommendations The product information page is the final and most critical stage of product selection for your customers. This is the best opportunity to recommend related products, complementary products, or up sell other items in your shop […]

Customer Account Management

Quick Summary: Manage customer profiles and accounts Allow clients to view order history, tracking, and delivery dates Customers can manage their own account information Mass upload and export registered client information Offer pricing and promotions to select customer groups Brand loyalty, better user experience, and more business “Help Yourself” customer service Your e-commerce website can […]

SSL Certified Secure Website Hosting

Quick Summary: SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption industry standard Online users look for HTTPS URL’s Web Design Phoenix e-commerce sites come standard with SSL security All modern e-commerce websites need to be concerned with information protection Don’t ever shortcut security Don’t share private information on any website that is not SSL encrypted. Your customers will […]

Analytics & Web Traffic Reporting

Quick Summary: Quantifiable analytic data Marketing decisions based on numerical analysis, not theory Understand where customers are coming from Know what may be driving customers away, and fix it Learn what your competition is doing, and how to beat them Analytic Data for Decisions A major perk of doing business online is the ability to […]

Fulfillment Process Integration

Quick Summary: Order notifications via email, text, web portals, etc. Streamline fulfillment processes Minimize support requirements and staffing Grow top line sales, reduce costs and expand profit margins Integrate with current fulfillment processes Your e-commerce website solution needs to streamline your order acquisition and fulfillment processes. To accomplish this, you’ll need to set up integrations with […]