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Web Design Phoenix offers cutting edge online and mobile responsive e-commerce website solutions. Recognizing the complexities involved with the marketing of any business in today’s economy, our online marketing experts take the time to understand the nuances of each web store requirement, ask all the right questions, and provide strategic guidance when it comes to your e-shop competing in the online marketplace. Here is some advice on contractual negotiation and minimizing downside risk for your e-commerce project.

Taking your business online means virtually endless scalability, broader geographic reach, expanded customer base, and an enormous universe of sales opportunity. That being said, competition for sales dollars is fierce, search engine optimization is vital when it comes to having your e-commerce websites found in major search engine listings and organic searches. Web stores are a requirement to remain competitive.

Alternative means of driving traffic include supporting your sales force, online advertising, pay-per-click campaigns, referral relationships, establishing critical backlinks to your site, social media (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, and others). Web Design Phoenix provides in depth consultation with our clients to help them maximize return on investment on their e-shops and to manage marketing and advertising budgets with complete and accurate information and strategy.

Please read on to learn more about the products, services and specifications we can provide. Fee structures vary considerably of course, but Web Design Phoenix will always act in good faith to craft arrangements best suited to the web store project at hand. We welcome an opportunity to discuss your business and the considerations of beginning or enhancing your online e-commerce website solution. Call us any time to discuss: 480-788-9755


E-Commerce Comparison

Free Consultation & Cost EstimateYes
Complete Turn Key E-Commerce SolutionYes
Product Database ConfigurationYes
Mobile Responsive Design
SSL Secure HostingYes
Social Media IntegrationYes
Unlimited CustomizationYes
E-Commerce ConsultingYes
Search Engine OptimizationYes
Abandoned Checkout RecoveryYes
Unlimited Bandwidth & CapacityYes
Unlimited ProductsYes
70+ Payment GatewaysYes
Real Time Shipping ConfigurationYes
Translation for 50+ LanguagesYes
Automated Tax CalculationYes
Customer Account ManagementYes
Order Fulfillment IntegrationYes
Inventory Tracking & ManagementYes
Gift Card & Discount CodesYes
Product Reviews & Social ProofYes
Product VariationsYes
Product Image Zoom FeaturesYes
Level-1 PCI ComplianceYes
Detailed Sales ReportingYes
Analytics and Traffic/Referral DashboardsYes
24-7 SupportYes

E-Commerce Contract Negotiation & Minimizing Your Risk

Web Development Contract Negotiations

Modern day e-commerce is highly competitive. Strategic insights, programming, design, and ongoing management sounds costly and time consuming. It doesn’t need to be.

First, wade into the waters slowly. Consider that Amazon wasn’t built in a day. Look to resolve core requirements first, with the mindset that added functionality, integrations with current systems, and complete automation should be added later on.

Chat with multiple e-commerce website developers. Consultations are free. Gather information on their approaches and suggested solutions. Share information on your requirements and you’ll collect ideas. business

When it comes time to select a developer, get multiple offers. You can play them against each other, compare pricing and recommended strategies, learn about prior work, and properly vet each candidate company.

Consider motivations. Many companies will simply charge by the hour or quote a flat project rate. These fee structures provide incentive for reduced work, minimal time investment, and slow delivery times. While it’s fair that both sides have skin in the game, suggest some sort of contingency component based on established, measurable metrics most important to you: say gross sales, website traffic counts, etc.

Increased contingency component might mean reduced or eliminating out of pocket development costs for you. When cash flow is tight, this can be an effective approach with minimal downside risk for you.

A good website developer will agree to this (under fair terms), while a lesser company may not. There should be sufficient upside potential for each of you, but also downside protection in the case of failed or ineffective solutions. It’s fair to work toward shifting some portion of the risk across the table to the developer.

An experience website developer will spend time discussing these arrangements and seek to craft fair fee structures with aligned incentives, somewhat shared risk, and upside potential.

E-Commerce Strategy